Coming from the lines of O2 and Palm Treo smartphones, I got hold of my very first BlackBerry in 2009. It was an instant love affair. It wasn’t just the typical smartphone for him, it was everything else that i could have ever wanted from a smartphone. Naturally a stubborn person, I was very eager to tinker the BlackBerry, thus I frequently read BlackBerry blogs and forum discussing and arguing everything about it. Since I was totally hooked, I bought and crafted bbmanila.com as my own BlackBerry blog and musing space around March of 2010. From then on bbmanila.com ranked top on search engines for local BlackBerry searches and the user base became swell with bbmanila.com Facebook page facebook.com/bbmanila and its BlackBerry Online Store.

With constant BlackBerry software and technical issues posted on the Facebook page – I, a Front End Developer by profession, decided and being a huge BlackBerry fan who wanted to share the BlackBerry love, created a simple forum as an extension of the blog at bbmanila.com. It has then become the hub of all sorts of discussions on troubleshooting BlackBerry concerns for BBManila users.

If you have some comments and suggestions regarding BBManila.com or any of its network, pester me at store@bbmanila.com