Bolt 2.0, BlackBerry Tabbed Browser

The new Bolt 2.0 mobile browser will cater tabbed browsing for your BlackBerry phone. The new refined Bolt browser will feature:

  • Perfect rendering of Web pages on any class of phone, scoring 100 percent on the Web Standard’s project Acid3 test.
  • Streaming video from many of the world’s most popular video sharing websites, including YouTube, MySpace, Blip.TV and MetaCafe, as well as websites that stream videos such as CNN, ESPN and any website with embedded YouTube videos.
  • Super fast download speeds.
  • Copy and pasting text.
  • Built-in integration with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Password manager.
  • Download/Upload manager.
  • Ability to run Web-based applications written in Ajax, Javascript and other Web programming languages, ranging from Google docs to Mafia Wars.
  • The inclusion of widgets, standalone mobile applications that are run directly from the browser, such as a weather app, calendar app, calculator, Twitter client and others. These widgets let people using any phone take part in the mobile apps revolution.
  • Best of breed over-the-air data compression, resulting in faster load times and decreased data usage.
  • Patented split screen viewing to make surfing complicated Web pages simple, and viewing content on the smallest of screens easy.
  • Additional notable upgrades in BOLT 2.0 include a faster widget gallery with updated user interface and a server upgrade to WebKit 4.03

For more info, check the Bolt 2.0 mobile browser here.

The New BlackBerry Pearl 9100

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 isn’t released yet, though its photos are already rounding up the net. BlackBerry Pearl 9100 will be packing 3G, SureType keyboard and running OS BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is rumored to release next week. So there BlackBerry fans, a new addition to the BlackBerry smartphone family.

Check more of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 photos below in different angles.

Tips Before Buying A Second Hand BlackBerry in TipidPC, TipidCP,, Sulit Etc.

Second hand BlackBerry phones can save you money and some are good catch, no question to that, but be aware – some folks are selling those Blackberry phones because they are banned, reported lost or stolen etc. Banned, cloned, reported lost or stolen BlackBerry phone can set you back from using the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) – and that means no emails, data services and other only-BlackBerry-phone-kickass-features for you.

Checked the tip below before you get that hands on your new shiny BlackBerry.

  • Send the seller an email requesting the IMEI of the BlackBerry phone
  • When the seller replies to the above question, try to call Globe Telecom or Smart Communications and inquire if the IMEI is not stolen, lost or banned. Also have them check to see if the PIN and IMEI have been released
  • If you are satisfied with the seller and the Telecom response, then go get that BlackBerry phone

Most sellers will have no problem sending this additional information. If they fail to reply or fail to answer all the questions then it might be best to avoid this seller no matter how cheap the BlackBerry phone is.

Cheap BlackBerry Phones

So yea, if you’re looking for some cheap BlackBerry phones ranging from Blackberry 7100T to Blackberry Storm 9500, check below

Sample photo of the BlackBerry 8900 Javelin

Blackberry 7100T – PHP 2000.00
BlackBerry 7100V – PHP 2300.00
BlackBerry 7290 – PHP 1800.00
BlackBerry 8707G – PHP 3000.00
Blackberry 8800 – PHP 5300.00
BlackBerry 8800 – PHP 4500.00
BlackBerry 8900 Javelin – PHP 16500.00
Blackberry Curve 8300 – PHP 6500.00
BlackBerry Curve 8310 – PHP 7500.00
BlackBerry Curve 8320 – PHP 8500.00
BlackBerry Pearl 8100 – PHP 4500.00
Blackberry Storm 9500 – PHP 14500.00

All Package includes unit, charger, data cable and CD installer.
One Week Warranty. OPENLINE.
Ships anywhere in Philippines:
Delivery thru either Air21 or LBC. Payment must be cleared first before shipment.
Shipping charges will be shouldered by the buyer.

Mode of payment – – Cash – Bank deposit: BDO or BPI – Gcash – Western Union

Seller is trusty enough – with tons of feedback and such.

Guy goes by the name of Burn, here’s his number 09229649070

More BlackBerry Slider Photos

Dubbed by some as an Blackberry Bold line – as observed by its design and appearance, this new BlackBerry slider photos is rumored to pack the new BlackBerry OS 6.0.

IMO this slider really isn’t a looker, slider phones isn’t my thing. But hey, maybe someones out there whos looking forward for a BlackBerry slider phone.

Anyway, check the new slider photo below compared with a BlackBerry Curve 8900 and judge em.

BlackBerry Philippines Price List

For the latest & updated BlackBerry prices in the Philippines, please click here

Ive been scouring around lately for the latest price of BlackBerry here in Manila Philippines, please see the list below:

Blackberry Storm 9550 – PHP 22000.00
Blackberry Curve 8520 Gemini – PHP 14200.00
Blackberry Curve 8900 Javelin – PHP 19000.00
Blackberry Bold 9700 – PHP 25500.00
Blackberry Bold 9000 – PHP 24000.00
Blackberry 8520 – PHP 13499.00

See anything thats cheaper than above Blackberry prices? Hit the comment section below.

Update as of 9/8/2011

BlackBerry Bold 9900 / Php 32,500
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / Php 28,000
BlackBerry Bold 9700 / Php 17,300
BlackBerry Bold 9780 / Php 17,600
BlackBerry Pearl 9105 / Php 9,800
BlackBerry curve 8520 / Php 9,100 / Black / Pink / Blue
BlackBerry Curve 3g / Php 11,900
BlackBerry Torch 9800 / Php 20,300

For the latest & updated BlackBerry prices in the Philippines, please click here