Twittly – An Awesome Twitter Client for BlackBerry 10

Get a hold of this, a new awesome app from our fellow Filipino BlackBerry app developer Nemory Studios is already out on BlackBerry World. Introducing Twittly – a native Twitter client with

* Super Beautiful User Interface,User Experience, User Friendly & Faster Network Response
* Compose from the BlackBerry Hub
* Set / Change In App Wallpaper
* Full BlackBerry Passport Support (UI + Touch Sensitive Keyboard)
* Super Advanced Compose Page with complete Emojis & Emoticons
* Ability to attach Videos, Photos, Voice Notes and Location
* Snap2Chat Photo Editor Integration
* DropBox Integration
* Ability to Merge Timlines from Multiple Accounts
* Supports Full Keyboard Shortcuts
* Online Wallpaper Store
* Supports Unlimited Multiple Accounts
* Super Advanced Translation Tool, Translate from any language to any language
* Backup and Restore Settings
* Ability to View Multiple Media in a Tweet
* Ability to post from all accounts at the same time including BBM & Facebook Status Update
* Ability to Switch to Dark Theme
* Can View/Play 3rd Party Media Site Contents from Youtube, Vine, Instagram, SoundCloud and more without leaving the app
* Ability to Compose SMS, Facebook Status, LinkedIn Status, BBM Message, and Email without leaving the app
* Ability to Customize the Active Frame and show only latest Messages, Mentions or Timeline
* Customize the Overall Color Scheme with our Beautiful Color Presets
* Search with Super Advanced Filters: Only Users, Photos, Top, Recent, All or from Saved Search
* Ability to Filter Timelines with only Replies, Photos, Retweets
* In App Password Security
* Advanced Retweet Options
* Quick Pinch Gesture for Quicker Actions
* Quick Tweet Button
* Ability to Save Tweets for Offline Use
* Customize Font Size, Weight and Alignment
* Customize the Keyboard’s Enter Key to Submit or as a New Line
* Drafts
* Ability to Live Stream Tweets with a Keyword/Location/Home Timline
* Ability to show a Tweet’s Location and Open the Location in an advanced 3D Perspective Map with a Compass and able to navigate
* Option to Stay where you left off / Hold Place in Timeline
* Ability to Share a Tweet to any type of Accounts(text only, with link .. etc)
* Ability to Copy a Tweet with customizations very quick and easy(text only, with link .. etc)
* Tells you the Count of Retweets, Favorites, Followers, Following etc…
* Share a Photo / Text / Link from the Gallery or anywhere in the OS to Twittly
* Ability to show quick buttons for quicker actions
* View Photos of a User Profile / Timeline
* Super Advanced Preview of URL Embedded Content
* Includes a Smooth and Fast Built-in Browser
* Quick Jump to Top & Bottom Buttons
* Less Clicks and Actions to go or do something
* Has all the Official Twitter Functions
* Open Links, Hashtags, Mentions from anywhere in the OS to Twittly
* Ability to Clear Cache for a new and Refreshing Experience
* Set how many items it should load per network request for a more personalized experience

The next Twitter App you’ll love!

Download Twittly:
Twittly’s Landing Website:
Twittly’s Twitter Account: @TwittlyApp
Twittly’s BBM Channel Pin: C00374EB3
Twittly’s Facebook Page:
Twittly’s Support Email:
Nemory Studios’ BBM Channel PIN: C0042916B

Screenshots Gallery:

The Twittly App is FREE for all the basic Twitter Features and with Premium Features for just $1.99 one time upgrade and free updates.

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