BlackBerry Mobile Hotspot Feature For Globe Prepaid Users

Article by Ian Santos

Are you a Globe Prepaid user and your Mobile Hotspot is not working? When you try calling or Live chat with Globe Tech Support, they always say “Mobile Hotspot feature is only for POSTPAID ONLY!” Nope!

I’m a Prepaid user and I can use my Mobile Hotspot. Here’s some proof (see photos below).


Ask them to “refresh your Service Book..” or “your tethering is not working..” Wait for SMS confirmation or observe the 2 diagonal arrows (sending / receiving data) at the right top corner of the screen, when it stops, perform a hard reset by pulling your battery while your BlackBerry is ON and reinsert again  in a few seconds. Once your BlackBerry boots up, try to connect. Leave Username and Password blank, just hit OK. Finally, About Mobile Hotspot prompt, hit Continue. (see photo below)

That’s it! Enjoy your Mobile Hotspot feature!

Note: Only works in BBMax. To subscribe, dial *143# and press Call button. When your BBMax expired, your Mobile Hotspot will not work again. Else, contact Globe again. 

Update: September 13, 2013
Be wary everyone, Globe is “cracking down” on Blackberry OS7 prepaid users for using their Mobile Hotspot, as we all know Globe is not permitting Mobile Hotspot for BlackBerry OS7 prepaid users. Some users are receiving the following warning message from Globe for using the Mobile Hostpot.

You have breached the Globe fair use policy for data usage. In order to maintain quality of service among all Globe subscribers, your speed will be throttled to 2G speeds. To enjoy normal speeds, you may opt out from your current promo. Text STOP to 8888. Regular browsing charges will apply.

So Blackberry OS7 prepaid users, use Globe Hotspot at your own risk kids.

89 thoughts on “BlackBerry Mobile Hotspot Feature For Globe Prepaid Users”

  1. My I ask if the globe bbmax is exclusively for blackberry only.I try to ask their hotline but d agent sed to me that the hotspot feature of bbmax599 is more different to supersurf999.once u register to a bbmax599 it wil function for unlimited for blackberry user only.once der has other devices connect to u like an android dey wil charge u for additional charge.unlike on supersurf999 on android phone u can use it jzt lyk a wifi router.wat should I do?totoo kya un?

    1. BBMax is different to Supersurf. BBMax is only for BlackBerry legacy devices. If you enabled the Mobile Hotspot (prepaid), will not charged you anything.

  2. Hi Ian do you know that the BB z10 is now on sale for 12k and the Q10 is for 16K from BB itself? I also found out that Globe has a 999 plan which you can choose a z10 or a Q10 for free. I really love how the interface of the Z10 works but i had a terrible experience on the virtual keyboard on the Iphone4S and and Galaxy S3/4 devices. Review says that the virtual keyboard of the Z10 is good… but how good is it really? Should i take the jump on a full screen device or just stick with the Q10?

    1. As far as I know, yes. And yes, Globe offers Plan 999 for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10.

      Z10’s keyboard is awesome. If you want to try, visit any Globe Store. Play the keyboard of Z10 and Q10 and ask your self which fits you. Hehe.

    2. @grey- be careful grey, yung z10 na 12k are all stl100-1. Hindi yan LTE and it’s processor are not the qualcomm snapdragon but texas instrument that’s why hindi sya ganun ka “fluid”. And that’s why it’s cheaper.
      Z10’s that came from globe however are the 100-2 units and is LTE. And now free @ plan 999 so if you want yun ang better option. Or if you want, get the free q10 (also at plan 999) then sell it bnew (higher price than z10 actually) and buy z10 stl100-2 sa kim store online (P13,180) and may extra money ka pa.

  3. hi paano ba i reset ung username and password sa log in sa mobile hotspot? thanks nakalimutan k kc ma save pls help thank you po

  4. Plss, am using BB curve 9320 but using the mobile hotspot cause extra charges.. if there no air time on my phone, the hotspot is not going to connected but with enough money on it, its working perfectly but extra charges occurred.. Plss help

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