Tips Before Buying A Second Hand BlackBerry in TipidPC, TipidCP,, Sulit Etc.

Second hand BlackBerry phones can save you money and some are good catch, no question to that, but be aware – some folks are selling those Blackberry phones because they are banned, reported lost or stolen etc. Banned, cloned, reported lost or stolen BlackBerry phone can set you back from using the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) – and that means no emails, data services and other only-BlackBerry-phone-kickass-features for you.

Checked the tip below before you get that hands on your new shiny BlackBerry.

  • Send the seller an email requesting the IMEI of the BlackBerry phone
  • When the seller replies to the above question, try to call Globe Telecom or Smart Communications and inquire if the IMEI is not stolen, lost or banned. Also have them check to see if the PIN and IMEI have been released
  • If you are satisfied with the seller and the Telecom response, then go get that BlackBerry phone

Most sellers will have no problem sending this additional information. If they fail to reply or fail to answer all the questions then it might be best to avoid this seller no matter how cheap the BlackBerry phone is.

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  1. What’s up?, is someone able to give information on good free eBay app which can auto-bid just as the auction finishes? (I cannot remember what this is called. thankyou

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