The BlackBerry P’9981 Porsche Design: Challenge Your Senses

Sometime this year, an odd-looking (albeit futuristic) BlackBerry phone surfaced in YouTube reviewed by a Chinese video blogger. At the time, OS 7 has just been introduced by RIM and this strange-looking phone appeared like a “mutated” copy of the Bold Touch 9900. I have then forgotten about the video thinking it was one of those fake phones that prankster love to post on YouTube (like videos of “the next-generation iPhone” with a see through touch screen).

Fast forward to December 2011, before the year ends, yet another set of photos of this impressive-looking slab flooded websites and news articles, but this time this seemingly Transformers-inspired phone has a name: The BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981.

I am quite surprised that the phone turned out to be real as it isn’t anything like the BlackBerry phones we’re used to. The phone is framed with a stainless steel front, while the back has a “hand-wrapped”, leather cover. The QWERTY keyboard is perhaps one of the most eye-catching part of the phone as it is sculpted with small, identifying dents. The display offers the same crystal-clear Liquid Graphics technology like the Bold Touch 9900. The UI out of the box will also be an exclusive Porsche design interface, with its customized theme, fonts, icons, etc.

Apart from its distinctive look, however, the phone’s specifications are much like its OS 7 predecessors: 1.2 GHz processor, built-in NFC Technology, HD video recording capability, Liquid Graphics Screen Technology, an 8GB memory (expandable by microSD card), and a 5MP camera with LED flash.

This phone is sure to be an eye-candy but according to sources, the price of this phone, considering the brand it is tied up with, is quite steep. UK gets the first release of this new BlackBerry Porsche Design but no news yet if the phone will officially come out in the Philippines.

Is the new BlackBerry Porsche Design something you’d like to have for the New Year? What do you think?

(Image from Google. No copyright infringement is intended in the use of the photo)

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