BlackBerry Q10 Now Available At Globe Telecom

Keep moving. Experience the power of a smartphone combined with the most effortless typing experience on the new BlackBerry Q10.

Launched this week locally, the BlackBerry Q10 carries the iconic keypad the BlackBerry is famous for, not totally shunning the awesome BlackBerry Z10 predictive typing, but thank you very much – I love my BlackBerry physical keypads 😀 Now i want to get one of these Q10’s very soon.

Blackberry Q10 will be available for free at Globe Plan 999, plus Php 500 cash out monthly for 2 years via all major credit cards. Contract period are all exclusive for 24 months and the BlackBerry Q10 will also be available on Globe prepaid kits for Php 31,990.

BlackBerry Q10 is also available for free with no cash out at Globe Plan 3799 and Globe Plan 2499. With Globe Plan 499, you have to shell out Php 19,600 for cash out, Php 21,000 for Plan 299 and Php 20,700 for Globe All Unli Plan.

Order and get your BlackBerry Q10 at Globe Telecom here.

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