BlackBerry Q10 Price Philippines

A big surprise for me, BlackBerry Q10 is the touch and type BlackBerry 10 device previously known and leaked as the BlackBerry Z10 has been announced today alongside the all touch BlackBerry Z10. Not the whole lotta surprise surprise, but with just the naming scheme surprise. BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q10 – guess the name is just fine.

BlackBerry Q10 will be available around the world as early as April 2013. I know recently that the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Z10 would both be announced at the same time, but never expected it would take that long for the touch and type BlackBerry 10 to arrive. Guess we have to hold out a little bit longer. Regarding the BlackBerry Q10 price, no pricing has been announced at this moment guys.

3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Q10 Price Philippines”

  1. Hi. May I know when will this be available in the Philippine Market? I a really looking forward purchasing this phone! Thanks

  2. Please reply… When will this be available in the Philippines? It was already released abroad. And also the price?

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