BlackBerry Service Center in the Philippines

August last year (2011) when we quoted a RIM / BlackBerry statement regarding BlackBerry Service Centers here in the Philippines. Labeled as the BlackBerry Expert Center Philippines, it is supposedly a place where you you can have your BlackBerry handset serviced, updated and repaired.

Statistics aside, RIM is also the first and only company to offer an extended warranty on any commercial smartphone in the country. In other words, BlackBerry users can get 24 months of peace of mind for a little extra, but should things really go wrong – and I hope that is not the case – then RIM has you covered with the nine BlackBerry Expert Centers located across the country, mostly in Metro Manila, Davao and Cebu. At a BlackBerry Expert Center you can have your handset serviced, updated or repaired, complete with a temporary replacement unit so you can still use BBM while waiting for your handset to be fixed!

So far we haven’t seen one official BlackBerry Service Center in the Philippines yet – though i can say that we have some alternatives:

BlackBerry Support Philippines
Philippines very own BlackBerry support community that will answer all your problems and questions regarding BlackBerry devices in the Philippines. Supported by BlackBerry Manila Users Group, forum caters topics anything related to BlackBerry and RIM.

Virra Mall, GreenHills San Juan
Mobile phones specialty shops where you can take your BlackBerry devices for hardware and software repairs.

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