BlackBerry Z10 Price Philippines

Some rumors are circulating around that the BlackBerry Z10 US carrier pricing has been lowered from the US standard $199 for a 2 year contract and RIM pushing it to be below $150.

Now that’s a good thing for the full retail price of the BlackBerry Z10. I think RIM is pushing the BlackBerry Z10 to be priced lower to get as many hands on them. Some are expecting the BlackBerry Z10 price to be around $550 to $650 for the full retail price.

But regardless of the price, i will get the BlackBerry Z10 as soon as it landed here in the Philippines. My trusty and ever dependable Bold 9700 is itching for an awesome upgrade already.

Though we don’t have to wait that long for the full price confirmation as we only have a couple of days from the BlackBerry Z10 launching and hopefully the BlackBerry X10 too.

blackberry 10 photo 8