BlackBerry Z3 photos appear online

A photo of the BlackBerry Z3 that was taken in Malaysia has been circulating the internet. It has caught the attention of many. What’s the big deal about it? Well, the Z3 is the first device that was created by BlackBerry with Foxconn. The BlackBerry community is eager to learn more about this device.

The Z3 is said to be made for the low-income markets. It’s basically a budget-friendly phone. Unlike the other legacy devices, this smartphone will be running on OS 10. It features a 5-inch display that has a 540 x 960 resolution. It will be making its way to Indonesian markets by the end of the month. Other areas will soon have access to it, too.

Hopefully, the Canadian smartphone company will be able to win back some of the mobile market by introducing this and its other new devices.

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