Facebook 10.4 hits BlackBerry 10

Just recently, a whole new update was released for Facebook for BlackBerry 10.  Four features stand as highlights for this famous app.

For one, users may now choose whether they would like to sort their news feed by “Most Recent” or “Top Stories.” A while back, this was something that can only be done using a web browser.

Here’s the official list of updates that can be found in BlackBerry World:

  • Newsfeed Sorting – sort your newsfeed stories by ‘Most Recent’ or ‘Top Stories’.
  • Emoji Support (Emoticons) – use your favorite Emoticons (Smiley faces and others) in your conversations.
  • Screen Reader – photo tag support for photo carousel.
  • Adding Map view to Check-Ins – now see a map of the location you are checking in from.

Typically, most BlackBerry 10 devices would have already come with a Facebook app. All you need to do is to update it.

Block spam from your BlackBerry

Let’s face it. We’ve all received at least one spam message. There are existing means that deter them, but they still somehow find ways into our inbox. If you are looking for an added protection to your phone against spam texts, ads and e-mails, then you’ve got to try out Auto Block for BlackBerry 10.

While similar apps only block texts or e-mails, Auto Block stands out because it can monitor all your accounts on your smartphone. It is able to filter both your messages and e-mails. It will then delete them from your device. By using a keyword system, users can input certain keywords that can be found in most spam messages. Any e-mail or text containing these words will be blocked.

Users also have the option to view the messages that were blocked.

PlayCloud 10 allows easy access to cloud services on BlackBerry

If you’re tired of the old File Manager, then you might want to consider PlayCloud 10 as an alternative. Not only does it serve the same purpose, but it has the added perk of accessing cloud services. You aren’t limited to just one account because almost every well-known cloud service is compatible with PlayCloud. Isn’t that convenient?

Here is a list of cloud services that can be connected via the app:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • SugarSync
  • OpenDataSpace
  • Webdav

What’s great is that users aren’t limited to just one account per service. Do you have another one on the same provider? That’s no problem because you can add both.

Users also have the option to automatically connect to their respective accounts.

Decode anagrams on your BlackBerry

Do you enjoy stimulating your mind from time to time? Here’s a game that’s perfect for you. If you love working with puzzles and words, then you’ll definitely enjoy Unscramble. The player is tasked to think of as many words as possible with a given set of 8 letters. Of course, this is easier said than done considering that a time limit is imposed and a certain score must be reached. Longer words mean more points. Decoding the 8-letter word also gives bonus points.

Sadly, this brain teaser is only available for the BlackBerry Z10 and its Porsche Design counterpart. Do not fret. Future updates will include compatibility with the Z30 and the Q models.

If you think that this is the game for you, then head on over to BlackBerry World. It can be downloaded for $0.99.

Get the periodic table on your BlackBerry

Whether you’re learning the elements for the first time or you’re majoring in science, this is one app that will surely be useful to have. Aside from the usual games and such, it’s always nice to have at least one educational app. The Elements is a great addition to your BlackBerry 10 device. It’s simple yet very easy on the eyes.

Would you like to view the elements as a list instead? That can be done as well. You can choose whether to list them by atomic number, symbol or alphabetically. All elements are color-coded for easy reference. If you’d like to learn more about a certain element, simply tap it to access information regarding its group, period, density and others.

Interested? Get it now in BlackBerry World for $0.99.

Cloudee makes its way to BlackBerry

Don’t let the name fool you. Cloudee is in no way an alternative to Dropbox, Box or any other similar apps. Its main purpose is to allow users to immediately share a screenshot right after taking it. Also, it’s a great and easy way to share files with your contacts.

Cloudee was created by the folks at Kisai Labs. They decided to create a native CloudApp that works well with BlackBerry 10. It’s worth noting that this app was specifically created for a particular target market. If you are CloudApp user who is using a BlackBerry 10 device, then you might want to consider downloading this. The app can be installed with a fee of $1.99.

Foursquare for BlackBerry gets makeover

Here’s an unexpected update from the folks behind Foursquare. It’s been so long since we heard from them, so this comes as a surprise. This isn’t a minor update because it gives the app a huge overhaul and some much needed bug fixes.

This is the official list of updates:

  • Big performance improvements on the main screen.
  • New “Highlights” carousel on the main screen letting you know the best things going on around you.
  • Redesigned venue pages.
  • Updated profile page
  • Check-in right from the Hub with the Foursquare item in ‘compose’.
  • Delivery options on the venue page, if the venue has Grubhub or Seamless available.
  • UTF-8 Characters are now appropriately displayed in the active frame
  • Settings – Account Settings – Profile has been fixed
  • BBM Connection and sharing reliability greatly improved. Can now share to BBM from a card.

This update seems pretty packed. If you’ve just found out about this, head on over to BlackBerry World.

Enjoy seamless copy-pasting with ClipMan Clipboard Manager for BlackBerry

Smartphones have made communicating with colleagues, family and friends easy. The many apps available in the market just add to the convenience of owning such devices. Sometimes, you may encounter situations where in you will need to copy and paste a huge block of text to serve as a reminder or to pass on to someone. Either way, this task can be a tedious process. Use ClipMan Clipboard Manager to make things easier.

This app has been around for  quite sometime, however, it has also evolved through the many updates it has undergone. One such important point that’s worth noting is its headless support.

ClipMan is a great time-saver. You can keep track of multiple items on your clipboard and it even has a search function. Are you worried about the important information that you just stored? No problem. Make use of that app’s lock button. This app is capable of doing so much more. You’ll only need to pay $0.99 to fully enjoy its functions.

Microsoft OneDrive now on BlackBerry

If you are looking for an alternate cloud storage app, then the Microsoft OneDrive is something that you should definitely check out. It isn’t limited to Windows Phone users since BlackBerry 10 users may officially use it now.

If you’re familiar with how DropBox works, then it won’t take long for you to get used to OneDrive. Users have the option to automatically upload their files or to disable it.

Here is an official list of its features:

  • Automatically back up pictures and videos you capture on your device.
  • Share important files and documents.
  • Comment on or edit documents while you’re on the go.
  • Seamlessly and easily work with your online files on your device.

The wait is over – Tilt now on BlackBerry

Some time ago, a teaser about Tilt coming to BlackBerry was released. After all the hype, it is now finally available.

Tilt is a contextual assistant app that was created for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. With its adaptive user interface, it provides users with useful information. The following information can be accessed in the app: Battery, Weather, News (from Yahoo), Foursquare locations, Calendar and Notes. The app was built on the Sidekick Engine. It is said be able to ” give the user the right information at the right time so they can focus on the world around them.”

It can be downloaded for $1.99.