BlackBerry Z3 photos appear online

A photo of the BlackBerry Z3 that was taken in Malaysia has been circulating the internet. It has caught the attention of many. What’s the big deal about it? Well, the Z3 is the first device that was created by BlackBerry with Foxconn. The BlackBerry community is eager to learn more about this device.

The Z3 is said to be made for the low-income markets. It’s basically a budget-friendly phone. Unlike the other legacy devices, this smartphone will be running on OS 10. It features a 5-inch display that has a 540 x 960 resolution. It will be making its way to Indonesian markets by the end of the month. Other areas will soon have access to it, too.

Hopefully, the Canadian smartphone company will be able to win back some of the mobile market by introducing this and its other new devices.

New photos of BlackBerry Kopi released

Just in case you’re curious about the BlackBerry Kopi, you might want to check out these newly released photos of the upcoming phone. This time, these photos from Techrum are of the device at different angles. Enjoy.

As of now, nobody knows when this elusive device will be released. Judging from the photos, it does look nice. It seems to be a marriage between the Q5 and Z10. It has a removable battery and it has the usual BlackBerry buttons. Feature-wise, the only thing most sources are sure of is that this phone will be on the low-end side. This is probably because it’ll have a specific market and it needs to be affordable.

What are your first impressions of the BlackBerry Kopi?

Latest BBM update leaked

Most of the BlackBerry users who are always updated with the latest BlackBerry news would know that a new update for BlackBerry Messenger is coming soon. Some notable features like sponsored BBM Channels content and BBM Stickers will be added. If you’re too impatient to wait for the official update, you can always download the leaked version.

It can be downloaded here. Of course, you must download it at your own risk. Since this isn’t an official release, caution must be practiced. If you’re still willing to go through with it, you’ll have to sideload this leak on your phone. Some have claimed that it works fine, but of course, you won’t be able to make any in-app purchases.

Rumored screenshots of BlackBerry 10.3 leaked

The BlackBerry community has been abuzz regarding the rumored BlackBerry 10.3 and the possible changes that would come with the new OS. Others claim that the user interface will be the highlight of the update. Recently, some screenshots were made available online. These were released by ZonaBB.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Homescreen – Border around icons has been removed.
  • Intelligent Assistant – BlackBerry seems to not want to fall behind its competitors by finally providing users with a virtual assistant app.
  • New keyboard layout and colors
  • Additional features: screen will turn off if it is upside down or inside the holster. The camera app will also have a timer, panorama view and the option to record videos at different speeds and resolutions.
  • Smart Search.
  • Change in Music Player design
  • Overall design of controls and buttons look more minimalist.

Of course, these are merely rumors for now. Unless BlackBerry makes an official announcement, all the information  that has been provided remain as mere speculations.

BlackBerry Prototype Photos Leaked

For some odd reason, there has been an abundance of leaked photos of BlackBerry devices lately. Recently, another one has surfaced on the internet. An unreleased device equipped with a 5-inch display seems to have caught the attention of netizens.

Not much is actually known about it apart from the leaked photos. Interestingly, it sports a square display. Some are speculating that it might just be a part of a certain device and not the actual one. Either way, it has stirred the online BlackBerry community.

Only time will tell if this device is actually legitimate or just some sort of gimmick by an anonymous BlackBerry fan. Whatever it is, it has certainly piqued the interest of many.

BlackBerry Cyclone photos leaked online

A couple of years ago, the BlackBerry Cyclone was a hot topic in online BlackBerry communities. Rumors were floating around that the Canadian smartphone company was working on a media-streaming device that was similar to the Apple TV. However, the project didn’t bear fruit in the end. This is why it’s quite intriguing that some photos of the rumored device have been found online.

No one knows why BlackBerry decided not to pursue the idea, but it seems as if it would’ve been a welcome addition to BlackBerry’s array of devices. Sources say that this would be connected to a TV through HDMI. It would support Wi-Fi and other media servers too. Basically, users would be able to watch videos from sites like YouTube and Netflix with it.

Do you also agree that BlackBerry shouldn’t have abandoned the project? Only time will tell if they’ll actually decide to pick it up again.

BlackBerry Kopi images leaked

The BlackBerry Kopi is one of the Canadian smartphone company’s unreleased devices. Though this isn’t the first time that an image of the Kopi was leaked, a sneak peek of what’s to come is always welcomed in the BlackBerry community. Little is known about the device. For now, the only confirmed information is that it’ll have  a removable battery and a considerably faster processor than that of the BlackBerry Q5. It’ll also be sporting the iconic QWERTY keyboard.

The Kopi, along with the BlackBerry Cafe, are two rumored the devices that remain unreleased in order for the company to avoid any chances of inventory risk. This is why a formal announcement of the two has yet to be made. Sources claim that there is a big chance that the two devices will be target at the Indonesian and Malaysian markets.

More photos of Porsche BlackBerry leaked online

The folks at the Crackberry forums are at it again. This time, user radewa found more photos of the BlackBerry P’9982, a luxury model that will be unveiled in the coming days. He shared a bunch of photos showcasing the different components of the newest Porsche BlackBerry.

Here are some of them:




The P’9982 seems to come with a clock application that was especially made for it.

Earlier, it was confirmed that the P’9982 will be launched in an event in Dubai on November 24. The price of this luxury BlackBerry model is said to be around $2,000. It is also said to sport a leather backside and support HSPA and LTE band.

More photos of rumored BlackBerrry C-series posted online

Rumors about these new BlackBerry devices have been spreading since a couple of months ago. Though a considerable amount of time has passed since any new information has been made available, new photos finally surfaced at an online BlackBerry forum.

The two models’ sim slots vary. They, however, have similarities to the Z10 and Z30.

Here is a list of their rumored specs:

  • Device #1: Full touchscreen
  • Device #2: Full QWERTY
  • Both might run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processors
  • Screen display sizes are: 4.2-Inch and 4.5-inch
  • 5MP camera

Also, take note that the release (or even the manufacturing) of these devices remain unconfirmed.

More OS 10.2.1 features revealed

A certain thread has attracted much attention from the online BlackBerry community. BerryInsider has provided a leak for OS 10.2.1. It can be downloaded and tested through a link in the Crackberry forums.

Here is the latest changelog:

  • runtime unlocked
  • apk files install directly on device without apk to bar conversion or debug token
  • Customizable quick settings
  • group contacts
  • Quick speed dial on Q10
  • Music UI changes
  • Call dialer changes
  • BBM – vibrate on ping, new emoticons
  • white balance adjuster
  • picture lock password
  • IBM notes traveler in accounts settings
  • full device monitor
  • new charge icon
  • custom contact notifications
  • wolfram alpha commands
  • battery percentage in peak
  • hub pinch gesture works