Long-awaited features to come in next BBM update

BBM users might have noticed that the team behind the popular app has been working hard in terms of providing updates. Just recently, BlackBerry has confirmed that the next one is worth looking forward to. Although there isn’t an exact date as of yet, it might be a good idea to keep track of it from time to time.

Some of the notable features to be added include: sending photos in multi-person chats, bigger emoticons and sending files as large as 16MB.

Here is the official statement:

The next release of BBM will support photo sharing in multi person chats. This comes as an addition to existing sharing options that exist in multi person chats – sending voice notes, sharing your location powered by Glympse, and sending files from your Dropbox account. We also understand that customers want to be able to send larger files through BBM. While our file size limit on shared files has historically been set at 6MB, we’re increasing this to 16MB in the next release of BBM. What this means is that you’ll be able to send bigger pictures, larger documents and longer videos.


BlackBerry reveals new QWERTY smartphone, Q20

It seems that BlackBerry won’t be letting go of its iconic QWERTY keyboard anytime soon. This is evident in the unveiling of its latest device, the BlackBerry Q20. The said smartphone will feature the familiar Menu, Back, Send and End buttons that BlackBerry fans know and love.

This is what BlackBerry CEO John Chen has to say about the device:

In my first 90 days on the job, I consistently heard from our ardent BlackBerry customers that the hard buttons and trackpad are an essential part of the BlackBerry QWERTY experience, that made their BlackBerry smartphone their go-to productivity tool. I want these customers to know that we heard them, and this new smartphone will be for them.

Chen added that the company, with the Q20, aims to provide its clients with the best email service, keyboard experience and battery life in one device.

As for features that are worth noting, the Q20 will be equipped with a 3.5″ touchscreen. Interestingly, this will be the largest screen size ever featured on a BlackBerry QWERTY device.

Check out the BlackBerry Z3’s specs

A few months back, BlackBerry talked of a low cost device that it will be creating in collaboration with Foxconn. It was dubbed as the BlackBerry Jakarta.

Some BlackBerry sites went abuzz with the photo you see in this article. Also, here’s a quick look on the rumored specs:

  • Display – 5″  display, 540 x 960 pixels, 24-bit color LCD display
  • Memory – 8 GB application storage and 1.5 GB RAM
  • Processor – 1.2 GHz dual-core processor
  • Battery – 2650 mAh non-removable battery
  • Rear-facing camera: 5 MP Autofocus and flash, 5x digital zoom
  • Front-facing camera: 1.1 MP Fixed-focus, 3x digital zoom

Any thoughts on the device so far? Accordingly, its price range is speculated to be from $150 to $200. The device might be officially unveiled during the Mobile World Congress.

No BBM for Windows Phones

News sites are abuzz with BlackBerry’s announcement regarding BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). It seems that the Canadian smartphone company has no intention to bring the famous instant messaging app to Windows Phones. According to a certain site, BlackBerry believes that Windows Phone is “too small” a market to invest in.

This is bad news for all the Windows Phone users who’ve been waiting for a BBM release. It seems that BlackBerry just wants to play it safe on this one.

However, maybe there’s still hope in the future. Windows Phone will have to grow its market share in order to get BlackBerry’s interest though.

Latest BlackBerry Ad promotes keyboard

The newest BlackBerry ad seems to be focusing on the smartphone company’s iconic keyboard. In the ad, the BlackBerry Q10 is being shown off. Much attention is given to its keyboard. It dubs it as “a smarter way to type.”

Some news websites have commented negatively on this ad. Accordingly, in a world of touchscreen devices and powerful processors, a keyboard seems pretty old-fashioned. Others said that this must be the company’s way of rebranding itself. It is currently focusing on its original market, the business sector. This might be BlackBerry’s only route since it is unable to compete with the specs of the popular smartphone brands in the market.

BlackBerry completes additional debenture deal with Fairfax

The day has finally arrived. BlackBerry has officially announced the completion of its deal with Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. The latter has received an additional $250 million of 6% unsecured subordinated convertible debentures of the Canadian smartphone company. This was done through Fairfax’s subsidiaries. This move was done in light of an option that was given during BlackBerry’s private placement of $1 billion amount of debentures last November 2013.

What do you think of this recently concluded transaction?

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited is a financial services holding company that is said to have one objective: “to achieve a high rate of return on invested capital and build long term shareholder value.” The company has been around since September 1985.

Linkin Park giving away signed Porsche Design BlackBerry

In an effort to raise funds for the Typhoon Haiyan relief operations for the Philippines, artists like Linkin Park have been auctioning off items. In this particular contest, fans will only need to spread the news about the auction on their Twitter and Facebook pages. The lucky winner will get an autographed Linkin Park Porsche Design P’9982 BlackBerry.

If you’re interested in participating in the auction, there are other items on stake. They seem worth it, so it’s best to check them out. After all, it’s always nice to help out those in need.

Other bands like Alice in Chains, Green Day and The Offspring also contributed to the auction.

John Chen comments about BlackBerry Live cancellation

Just last month, BlackBerry made an official announcement that it will be canceling its BlackBerry Live Conference in 2014. According to the Canadian smartphone company, it will be holding smaller events that will be taking place in different places around the globe. These events will be focused on targeted markets.

John Chen commented about the change in an interview with a certain BlackBerry fan site:

“For  2014 we decided to spend the money differently and focus on a more targeted audience – CIOs of the regulated industry that we talk about, or hosting a symposium on Wall Street. We’ll do those types of things and support maybe some CEO conferences like the Fortune, the Gartner, something of that sort. This is so we can speak directly to the people that need to learn, “Oh wow, they’re doing this end-to-end and stuff.” That’s part of how the marketing will support the sales, support the strategy, and that technology needs to complement it.”

Users vote on new features for BlackBerry Link

If you are updated with news regarding the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you’ll know that there’s been a survey for BlackBerry Link. It seems that users were given the opportunity to vote on what feature they’d want for BlackBerry Link in the future. Since not everyone is part of the Beta Zone, here’s a list to let you in on what the developers might be adding soon:

  • Wireless Media Sync
  • Remote File Access
  • Selective Backup/Restore
  • BlackBerry Hub Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • BBM Integration
  • BlackBerry World Integration
  • BlackBerry Protect Integration

Like what you’re seeing? With this, it’s safe to assume that the Canadian smartphone company might be cooking up something new for BlackBerry Link soon. Hopefully, more news about this will come in the next few weeks.

BlackBerry announces its new President of Global Sales

BlackBerry has released a statement regarding its new President of Global Sales. Taking up the position is Eric Johnson. He has worked with SAP’s Global Database and Technology prior to joining the Canadian smartphone company. It seems that he has held Vice President and General Manager positions in various other companies. He has a degree in Political Science.

Here’s  what CEO John Chen has to say about this update:

“I am pleased to round out BlackBerry’s new executive leadership team with another outstanding addition today. I have worked with Eric extensively and have tremendous respect for his sales expertise and customer centric approach to business. Our carriers, partners, distributors and enterprise customers will benefit greatly from Eric’s approach. The experience that the majority of the new leadership team has in working together previously will drive change within the organization at a faster pace. I look forward to demonstrating these changes to the market.”