Decode anagrams on your BlackBerry

Do you enjoy stimulating your mind from time to time? Here’s a game that’s perfect for you. If you love working with puzzles and words, then you’ll definitely enjoy Unscramble. The player is tasked to think of as many words as possible with a given set of 8 letters. Of course, this is easier said than done considering that a time limit is imposed and a certain score must be reached. Longer words mean more points. Decoding the 8-letter word also gives bonus points.

Sadly, this brain teaser is only available for the BlackBerry Z10 and its Porsche Design counterpart. Do not fret. Future updates will include compatibility with the Z30 and the Q models.

If you think that this is the game for you, then head on over to BlackBerry World. It can be downloaded for $0.99.

Speed through gravity defying race tracks with your BlackBerry Z10, Z30

Great games are hard to come by, especially those that are free. Extreme Racing with Beats 3D is one of those rare gems. In this game, players get to cruise through racing tracks that defy the laws of gravity. What’s great is that users will also get to enjoy tracks from their library while racing.

The game includes collecting energy blocks and avoiding de-energizers. Once users get the hang of it, going over the speed limit becomes easy and exhilarating.

Here are its features:

  • Crisp 3D Graphics and Animation
  • Super-fluid racing
  • Easy touch controls
  • 2 futuristic Hovercrafts
  • 5 Mesmerizing Themes

It is free to download in BlackBerry World.

Stream videos with Media Blast for BlackBerry 10

Tired of the built-in media player on your BlackBerry? Media Blast might actually suit your tastes. This is especially targeted to everyone who uses a Z10, Q10 and Z30. Aside from this app being exclusive to BlackBerry, it is also optimized for these three devices. It’s a nice app to use for viewing images or videos.

Here are its key features:

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface to watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies
  • Alphabetically organizes your movies and sorts TV shows by series and season
  • Keeps track of what you have watched and what you haven’t, even if you are in the middle of a video
  • Quickly access recently-watched TV shows and movies, filter by genre, or search your media library to find what you want to watch, fast
  • Displays images, description, genre, release date, directors and more
  • Easily transfers videos from your media server to your device for on-the-go viewing
  • Support for multiple media servers

It is free to download in BlackBerry World. Future updates will include browsing/selecting fan art, browsing enhancements and detailed video information.

Get the Porsche Design clock on your BlackBerry

The release of the Porsche Design P’9982 BlackBerry included an announcement regarding an exclusive clock app for the luxury device. If you are interested in getting it for your own BlackBerry smartphone, this is good news. It’s possible!

Here is the step by step process:

  • Step 1 – When on the clock app, navigate to World Clock mode.  Type your location as fostah and swipe down.
  • Step 2 – Choose ‘backdoor’ on the menu. Afterwards, pick ’emulate Porsche Design HW’ from the list.
  • Step 3 – Exit the clock app, then open it once again. Proceed to the clock app settings.
  • Step 4 – On the drop down menu for clock face styles, you will be able to see two options: Porsche Design Digital and Analog faces.

There’s a catch though. This can only be done for the BlackBerry Z10. Limited options are also available for the Z30 and Q10.

OnStar RemoteLink comes to BlackBerry

Yesterday, a tweet from OnStar’s official Twitter account finally announced the compatibility of their app with BlackBerry devices. However, it will only be available for the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30.

If you are unfamiliar with the app, its main purpose is to connect users to their vehicles. This is only limited to owners of the newer models of Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC. The app can be used to unlock doors and such. It also takes note of your device and vehicle location.

In order to fully enjoy the app, an OnStar Directions and Connections or Safe and Sound service plan is needed.

It is now available in BlackBerry World for free.

New Porsche BlackBerry video revealed

BBManila recently talked about the newest Porsche-designed BlackBerry in an earlier post. Only recently, a site has released a video featuring a hands-on experience of the P’9982. Check it out on Youtube.

A couple of weeks ago, rumors regarding its possible launch date began to circulate. Some claimed that the Porsche version of the BlackBerry Z10 will be unveiled on November 20.

Approval has already been given for the use of the model in the United States, according to some FCC documents found online. The P’9982 is rumored to sport a leather backside and HSPA and LTE band support.

The price of the P’9982 is set at around $2,000.

Image and video source

Globe Telecom BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Will Be LTE capable

With the recent launching of BlackBerry Z10 locally, Globe Telecom has confirmed that their BlackBerry L series devices are LTE-capable. The BlackBerry Z10 LTE version is and will be exclusive to Globe Telecom. You’ll need to have the following; LTE Micro SIM and a Globe Mobile Internet Plan – either PowerSurf or SuperSurf to start enjoying LTE on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 devices.

BlackBerry Z10 Now Available At Globe Telecom

The new all-touch BlackBerry Z10 is now available exclusively at Globe Telecom. It may not show yet on the Globe handset rooster as of posting (only the BlackBerry 9220 and the BlackBerry 9320) – i’m expecting it to be added soon enough but it does have a separate page for the Blackberry Z10 application.

Globe BlackBerry Z10 will be available at below Postpaid plan:

  • Plan 999 with a cashout of Php 131000
  • Plan 1799 with cashout of Php 4800 at 24 months lockup
  • FREE at Plan 1799 at 30 months lockup
  • FREE at Plan 2499
  • FREE at Plan 3799

Get a load of BlackBerry Z10 awesomeness at Globe, see the application here.

Update: 3/24/2013

Globe Center at Eastwood Libis has a BlackBerry Z10 demo unit available that you can play with. Thanks Monty for the photo and the heads-up.

BlackBerry Z10 Officially Available March 21st – Pre-Order Yours Now

BlackBerry Philippines officially announced BlackBerry Z10 last week and it’s availability this coming March 21st. Priced at Php 29,990 for an unlocked BlackBerry Z10, get a dose of BlackBerry 10 awesomeness by pre-ordering at

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