Twittly – An Awesome Twitter Client for BlackBerry 10

Get a hold of this, a new awesome app from our fellow Filipino BlackBerry app developer Nemory Studios is already out on BlackBerry World. Introducing Twittly – a native Twitter client with

* Super Beautiful User Interface,User Experience, User Friendly & Faster Network Response
* Compose from the BlackBerry Hub
* Set / Change In App Wallpaper
* Full BlackBerry Passport Support (UI + Touch Sensitive Keyboard)
* Super Advanced Compose Page with complete Emojis & Emoticons
* Ability to attach Videos, Photos, Voice Notes and Location
* Snap2Chat Photo Editor Integration
* DropBox Integration
* Ability to Merge Timlines from Multiple Accounts
* Supports Full Keyboard Shortcuts
* Online Wallpaper Store
* Supports Unlimited Multiple Accounts
* Super Advanced Translation Tool, Translate from any language to any language
* Backup and Restore Settings
* Ability to View Multiple Media in a Tweet
* Ability to post from all accounts at the same time including BBM & Facebook Status Update
* Ability to Switch to Dark Theme
* Can View/Play 3rd Party Media Site Contents from Youtube, Vine, Instagram, SoundCloud and more without leaving the app
* Ability to Compose SMS, Facebook Status, LinkedIn Status, BBM Message, and Email without leaving the app
* Ability to Customize the Active Frame and show only latest Messages, Mentions or Timeline
* Customize the Overall Color Scheme with our Beautiful Color Presets
* Search with Super Advanced Filters: Only Users, Photos, Top, Recent, All or from Saved Search
* Ability to Filter Timelines with only Replies, Photos, Retweets
* In App Password Security
* Advanced Retweet Options
* Quick Pinch Gesture for Quicker Actions
* Quick Tweet Button
* Ability to Save Tweets for Offline Use
* Customize Font Size, Weight and Alignment
* Customize the Keyboard’s Enter Key to Submit or as a New Line
* Drafts
* Ability to Live Stream Tweets with a Keyword/Location/Home Timline
* Ability to show a Tweet’s Location and Open the Location in an advanced 3D Perspective Map with a Compass and able to navigate
* Option to Stay where you left off / Hold Place in Timeline
* Ability to Share a Tweet to any type of Accounts(text only, with link .. etc)
* Ability to Copy a Tweet with customizations very quick and easy(text only, with link .. etc)
* Tells you the Count of Retweets, Favorites, Followers, Following etc…
* Share a Photo / Text / Link from the Gallery or anywhere in the OS to Twittly
* Ability to show quick buttons for quicker actions
* View Photos of a User Profile / Timeline
* Super Advanced Preview of URL Embedded Content
* Includes a Smooth and Fast Built-in Browser
* Quick Jump to Top & Bottom Buttons
* Less Clicks and Actions to go or do something
* Has all the Official Twitter Functions
* Open Links, Hashtags, Mentions from anywhere in the OS to Twittly
* Ability to Clear Cache for a new and Refreshing Experience
* Set how many items it should load per network request for a more personalized experience

The next Twitter App you’ll love!

Download Twittly:
Twittly’s Landing Website:
Twittly’s Twitter Account: @TwittlyApp
Twittly’s BBM Channel Pin: C00374EB3
Twittly’s Facebook Page:
Twittly’s Support Email:
Nemory Studios’ BBM Channel PIN: C0042916B

Screenshots Gallery:

The Twittly App is FREE for all the basic Twitter Features and with Premium Features for just $1.99 one time upgrade and free updates.

MockIt! now on BlackBerry

As 2013 drew to a close, the BlackBerry community spotted a newcomer in the Beta Zone. It was MockIt!, a meme generator. This is a fun app to have, especially if you’re fond of making photo replies. Aside from memes, you can create photo collages as well. The app has a collection of famous meme bases to get you started.

Official list of features:

  • Natively built
  • Meme generator
  • 6 available colour schemes for the UI
  • Device Mock creator
  • Photo Frame studio
  • Two free sticker collections
  • 20+ Photo Frame templates
  • Smooth, beautiful and fast interface

It’s free to download in BlackBerry World if you want to give it a spin.

BBM releases Lil’ Shelton sticker pack

Are you one of the users who are currently enjoying the new BBM Stickers? If so, you’d be thrilled with the introduction of the Lil’ Shelton sticker pack. This was brought to you by Eric Uchalik. The pack contains 20 stickers that can be used during BBM conversations.

If you’re interested in following the creator, then you can look up his BBM Channel. Just search for “superfungo”. If not, you can always add him through his PIN: C003D1090.

This is definitely a must-have, especially if you adore turtles or anything that’s remotely cute. Be the envy of all your BBM contacts with these fun stickers.


BlackBerry looks into Heartbleed vulnerability

Since news broke out regarding the Heartbleed bug, many BlackBerry users also wanted to know if they were at risk. Just recently, the Canadian smartphone company released a statement that claimed that it is currently investigating this vulnerability. It attempted to pacify its clients by saying that all BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 are not affected from the OpenSSL issue. Here’s the list of affected software:

  • BBM for iOS and Android
  • Secure Work Space for iOS and Android
  • BlackBerry Link for Windows
  • BlackBerry Link for Mac OS

With this bug, normally protected information could be leaked. A fix, however, was released for the affected BlackBerry products.

Formula 1 wallpapers for BlackBerry

Are you a Formula 1 fan? Here’s some good news. You can now show off your support by downloading some of this season’s wallpapers. Check out the Mercedes AMG Petronas pages. You’ll find a slew of BlackBerry-sponsored cars there. If you’re a fan, you’ll also be thrilled to see the likes of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

The wallpapers can be downloaded on various devices: desktop, tablet, mobile. Head on over to the site if you’re interested. You’ll surely find one that’ll suit your taste. It’s a great way to cheer for the team and of course, to spice up the homescreen of your chosen device.


Third party Facebook chat app for BlackBerry released

Can’t get enough of Facebook chat? Continue your conversations even while you are on the go with Messenger, a third party Facebook chat app for BlackBerry 10 devices. This is the creation of Nemory Oliver, the same fellow behind the Snap2Chat app.

Here’s the full features list:

  • Real Time Sending and Receiving Chats (no refreshing required)
  • Stunningly Beautiful Design
  • Start a Conversation
  • Send Stickers (via plain text Links/URL)
  • Update your Facebook Status within the App
  • Very Fast and Fluid Performance
  • Sent / Received Date and Time
  • Jump to Top and Bottom (Floating Buttons)
  • Filter / Search Friends via Name, Online/Offline/Idle Presence
  • Sound & LED Notifications
  • Sent or Received Indicator
  • Load Older Conversations and Messages
  • Change Color Theme (Dark / Bright)
  • Share a specific message
  • Copy & Paste Chat Messages
  • Works in Landscape and Portrait
  • Clear Cache
  • Pull to Refresh
  • Can display received Image Attachment
  • Friend Typing Notifications
  • Shows Online, Offline, Idle, All Friends
  • Swipe Right to Close Chat
  • Active Email Support

The app has actually been circulating the BlackBerry community for a while now because it’s been in beta mode. Now, it has finally made it’s way to BlackBerry World. Download it now for $1.99.

BlackBerry releases buffer overflow fix

Just last year, there was a report regarding a buffer overflow vulnerability with earlier verions of BlackBerry This was made by the folks at modzero. In response, BlackBerry has finally released a fix.

This is the official press release:

A stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the qconnDoor service supplied with affected versions of BlackBerry 10 OS. The qconnDoor service is used by BlackBerry 10 OS to provide developer access, such as shell and remote debugging capabilities, to the smartphone.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could potentially result in an attacker terminating the qconnDoor service running on a user’s BlackBerry smartphone. In addition, the attacker could potentially execute code on the user’s BlackBerry smartphone with the privileges of the root user (superuser).

An attacker can exploit this vulnerability in the following ways:

  • Over Wi-Fi – In order to exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must send a specially crafted message to the qconnDoor service on a smartphone located on the same Wi-Fi network. The smartphone user must have also enabled development mode on the smartphone before an attack.
  • Over USB – In order to exploit this vulnerability, an attacker must gain physical access to a smartphone and then send a specially crafted message to the qconnDoor service over USB.

This vulnerability has a Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score of 7.9. View the linked Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identifier for a description of the security issue that this security advisory addresses. – CVE-2014-1468

Everyone who’s affected is strongly advised to update their OS ASAP. Of course, if you’re running on later versions of BlackBerry OS, then there is nothing to worry about.

SuperTube for BlackBerry receives update

SuperTube is one example of a competent third party app for YouTube. If you’re looking for one, this might work for you.

Just recently, it also received a wide range of updates. It is now running on version Here is the official update line up.

  • Added channels and playlist searches
  • Sort order for playlists
  • Kid lock functionality
  • Fixed repeat function
  • Search enhancements
  • Local watch history updated
  • New videos in subscriptions
  • New subscription list
  • Other bug fixes

If you’re interested, download it now on BlackBerry World. It’s free, but users may also get the paid version if they wish to avail of the premium features.

BlackBerry wins NXP BV infringement case

BlackBerry recently released a report which stated that the company has won a patent infringement case brought by NXP BV. The latter had accused the Canadian smartphone company of infringing its patents. This included some of the features on the PlayBook and other BlackBerry devices. However, the case ended with the jury ruling in favor of BlackBerry.

This is what  Steve Zipperstein, Chief Legal Officer, has to say:

“We are pleased with the jury’s verdict. While this is a victory for BlackBerry, we look forward to a time when technology companies will no longer be forced to spend huge amounts of time and money defending frivolous patent cases such as these, and instead invest their resources to drive innovation. Until then, we will vigorously defend our intellectual property rights and contest all meritless claims.”


BlackBerry Z3 photos appear online

A photo of the BlackBerry Z3 that was taken in Malaysia has been circulating the internet. It has caught the attention of many. What’s the big deal about it? Well, the Z3 is the first device that was created by BlackBerry with Foxconn. The BlackBerry community is eager to learn more about this device.

The Z3 is said to be made for the low-income markets. It’s basically a budget-friendly phone. Unlike the other legacy devices, this smartphone will be running on OS 10. It features a 5-inch display that has a 540 x 960 resolution. It will be making its way to Indonesian markets by the end of the month. Other areas will soon have access to it, too.

Hopefully, the Canadian smartphone company will be able to win back some of the mobile market by introducing this and its other new devices.